Flight Instructors

The New Milford Model Airplane club has official AMA instructor pilots. These pilots hold the Academy of Model Aeronautics Intro Pilot classification. In addition to providing flight training and supervision, the AMA Intro Pilot program provides AMA liability insurance for student pilots who may or may not have AMA insurance of their own.

In oder to fly at an N.M.M.A.C. flying field, a pilot must be able to demonstrate proficiency by performing a series of maneuvers in the presence of a designated flight instructor pilot. Upon completion of the flight proficiency test, the pilot will be allowed to fly "solo" at any N.M.M.A.C. flying field.

If you are in need of flight instruction, you may contact one of the following individuals:

John Pavlick

Email: jpavlick@idseng.com

Home Phone: 860-354-2827
Cell Phone: 203-417-4971